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Pamela Hilburger ascended to prominence as the former spouse of Hiroaki Aoki, captivating the attention of admirers. Her former husband, a Japanese-American epicurean, attained success as a restaurateur.

Hiroaki presides over a Japanese culinary establishment, famously known as Benihana. Moreover, he dabbles in the realms of powerboat racing and amateur wrestling, revealing his versatile nature.

Beyond the tale of her ex-husband, Pamela herself shines as a jewelry designer, collaborating with esteemed brands. Notably, she is acknowledged as the mother of Devon Aoki, an American actress and model of great acclaim. Devon’s illustrious filmography includes noteworthy works such as “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Sin City,” “Mutant Chronicles,” “Dead or Alive,” and numerous others.

Pamela Hilburger’s Relationship

Presently, the relationship status of Pamela Hilburger remains elusive, veiled in mystery. Despite her lofty celebrity status, she adorns a life of modesty, cherishing her existence away from the glaring scrutiny of the media. Hence, her current romantic affiliation remains undisclosed.

However, in the past, she entered matrimony with Hiroaki. Reflecting on their bond, the duo embarked on a courtship in 1981. Following several years of companionship, they made the decision to elevate their union. Alas, their connection was not destined to endure, and they ultimately dissolved their marital ties in 1991.

The former couple shares the gift of three offspring, including the aforementioned Devon. Devon, having united in holy matrimony with James Bailey in 2011, delights in the joys of matrimony. Furthermore, the couple embraces the role of parents, nurturing four cherished children. Denika Kisty and Cindi Knight are esteemed wives, much like Hiroaki.

Regarding Pamela’s Ex-Husband

Hiroaki, the erstwhile husband, exchanged vows on three separate occasions throughout his lifetime. In 1964, he embarked on his initial marital journey with Chizuru Kobayashi Aoki, a partnership that spanned two decades. Ultimately, the couple embarked on divergent paths and officially terminated their marital bond in 1981. Following his first divorce, Hiroaki embarked on a decade-long matrimonial voyage with Pamela.

Subsequent to the dissolution of his second marriage with Pamela, Hiroaki entered a third matrimony with Keiko Ono, a prominent businesswoman, in 2002. The couple remained united until Aoki’s untimely demise on the 10th of July, 2008.

Tragically, Hiroaki succumbed to pneumonia. Furthermore, Hiroaki is the proud progenitor of seven children, among them the renowned musician, Steve Aoki.

Net Worth of Pamela Hilburger

Pamela Hilburger possesses an accumulated net worth of USD 1 million, a testament to her prosperous career as a jewelry designer. Her annual earnings from her craft amount to approximately $70,000.

When considering the wealth of her former husband, Hiroaki, his net worth stood at approximately $40 million until his passing. Pamela also secured a significant portion of this fortune through their divorce settlement, although the precise figure remains undisclosed to the general public. Furthermore, their daughter Devon boasts a net worth of approximately $30 million.