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France Afifi, the offspring of esteemed actress Sarah Chalke, is a precocious six-year-old. Even prior to her arrival into the world, she garnered attention due to her mother’s prominence. Despite the widespread knowledge of her celebrity status and her pregnancy, Sarah Chalke refrained from publicly announcing her daughter’s birth until nearly two and a half months had elapsed. Once the news finally broke, the cyberspace erupted with effusive messages of felicitation from her global admirers. Such is the felicity of being born into the realm of fame!

Personal Life

France, affectionately known as “Frankie,” entered this world on April 26, 2016, as the progeny of the Canadian actress and model, Sarah Louise Christine Chalke, and her betrothed, Jamie Afifi, an entertainment lawyer.

She has but one sibling, an elder brother named Charlie Rhodes, who surpasses her by approximately seven years. Her nomenclature pays homage to her maternal great-grandfather, while her astrological sign designates her as a Virgo.

Frances Afifi’s progenitors seem to exhibit a reluctance to expose their progeny’s lives to the public sphere. In the rare instances when both Frances and her brother have made appearances on their mother’s social media, their countenances have perpetually evaded the camera’s lens. This deliberate act alludes to their desire to provide their children with an ordinary upbringing that remains uninfluenced by the omnipresence of social media.

From the scant photographs of Frances Afifi that have surfaced online, it becomes evident that she possesses fair tresses and azure irises. These features have evidently been inherited from her maternal lineage.


Frances Afifi recently celebrated her sixth birthday in 2022. Given her parents’ inclination to maintain her privacy, it remains unclear whether she has commenced her scholastic journey. Nonetheless, at her tender age, it is expected that she has been enrolled in an educational institution of some kind.

Parents’ Careers

Frances Afifi’s progenitors have enjoyed prosperous careers within the entertainment industry. Her mother, Sarah Chalke, renowned for her portrayal of Elliot Reid in the comedic series “Scrubs,” has also graced the silver screen in productions such as “Eat Wheaties,” “The Wrong Misy,” “After the Reality,” “Mother’s Day,” and more.

Her father, Jamie Afifi, on the other hand, occupies the esteemed position of an entertainment lawyer, representing illustrious celebrities. As a legal advocate, he further demonstrates his expertise through his affiliation with Ziffren Brittenham, LLP, a prestigious firm dedicated to offering consultation and strategic planning within the realm of entertainment.

Frances Afifi’s Net Worth

Considering France’s tender age of six, there is no information available regarding any income or net worth specifically attributed to her. Consequently, the only net worth that can be attributed to her rests within her parents’ prosperous estates.

Sarah Chalke boasts an estimated net worth of $14 million, owing to her illustrious acting career.

Meanwhile, her father, Jamie Afifi, possesses an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Frances Afifi Family Fun Fact

Frances Afifi’s parents have fostered an enduring love since 2003, yet they have refrained from formalizing their union through matrimony. They currently remain engaged.

Furthermore, her brother Charlie was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease during his formative years.