Peter Deluise Net Worth

For those unacquainted, Jake Dominick DeLuise is the progeny of Anne Marie DeLuise and Peter DeLuise, both of whom grace the cinematic realm. He stands as their solitary offspring.

Jake DeLuise, having taken his first breath on April 11, 2004, now finds himself at the tender age of 17. Both his progenitors diligently labor within the expanse of the film industry.

Paternal Figure: Jake Dominick DeLuise’s Father

The paternal figure in Jake’s life is none other than Peter DeLuise. Peter John DeLuise, a luminary of American descent, adorns the titles of screenwriter, television producer, director, and actor.

Peter garnered recognition for his portrayal of Officer Doug Penhall in the esteemed Fox TV series “21 Jump Street.” Additionally, he has etched his name as a wordsmith and director in the realm of prominent science fiction television productions such as “Stargate.”

In 1979, Peter unveiled his cinematic debut in the opus entitled “Hot Stuff.” In the year 1987, he attained his most renowned role, that of Officer Doug Penhall, within the acclaimed work “21 Jump Street.”

Furthermore, Peter remains renowned for his portrayal of Dagwood in the television series “SeaQuest DSV.”

Peter commenced his journey on the television series “Stargate SG-1” in 1997. His multifaceted involvement spanned the realms of creative consultation, direction, writing, and production.

He often made inconspicuous appearances within the series, particularly in those episodes under his directorial purview.

Subsequently, Peter ascended to the mantle of executive writer, director, and producer for “Stargate Atlantis,” a spin-off from “Stargate SG-1.” His directorial prowess graced approximately eight episodes of this aforementioned series.

Moreover, Peter made a fleeting cameo in the film adaptation of “21 Jump Street.”

Prior to espousing Anne Marie Loder, DeLuise had previously entered matrimonial ties with Gina Nemo. However, in 1992, their paths diverged through divorce.

To this day, he remains wedded to Anne Marie, with whom he shares the blessing of one offspring.

As of the year 2022, Peter’s financial stature stands at a commendable net worth of $10 million.

Maternal Figure: Jake Dominick DeLuise’s Mother

Anne Marie DeLuise, a Canadian thespian, ascended the echelons of popularity subsequent to her captivating performance in the motion picture “Higher Ground” in the year 2000.

Her thespian aptitude has endeared her to countless admirers.

Anne Marie DeLuise, born as Anne Marie Loder on August 3, 1969, hails from the domain of St. John’s, Canada.

Anne Marie has embodied several supporting roles in both television series and films. However, her most noteworthy portrayals encompass that of Mrs. Briggs in “Strange Empire,” a portrayal that garnered her a distinguished Leo Award.

Additionally, she assumed the mantle of Dr. Greene in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

On the auspicious day of June 7, 2002, Anne Marie united in matrimony with Peter DeLuise.

As of the year 2022, Anne Marie’s financial eminence resonates with a net worth of $5 million.

Aggregate Net Worth of Jake Dominick DeLuise

Regrettably, scant information is available concerning the child of Peter and Anne Marie DeLuise. It is known, however, that he remains engrossed in his studies.

Given the vocational involvement of both his progenitors within the film industry, it appears highly plausible that Jake may eventually tread the path of entertainment.

Now, to address the matter of his net worth. Should one seek to ascertain Jake’s financial standing, it suffices to note that his father possesses a wealth totaling $10 million, while his mother commands an estate amounting to $5 million.