9 tips for a perfect barbecue

If you want to host a perfect barbecue party, there are several points to consider. Spontaneous BBQs can be fun, but they often lack certain things and can easily become chaotic. Good planning is, so to speak, half the battle. We’ve created a small to-do list for you so that your barbecue party can be a complete success.

The Guest List

Once you’ve settled on a date, the question arises of who should actually attend the barbecue party. For a perfect barbecue party, you don’t necessarily need to send out invitations. A phone call is enough to find out who has the time and inclination to attend. The exception is if it’s a large event such as a wedding or a children’s birthday party. It’s important for you to know each guest’s preferences regarding barbecue food and drinks. The community of vegetarians and vegans is growing larger, so without asking, you might not have the right barbecue food for everyone, which would be a shame for both you and the guest.

Can I Bring Something?

This question is usually asked by invited guests. It’s always a good idea for each guest to contribute something to the barbecue party, as this creates a lot of variety. Salads as contributions are popular, as this creates a proper salad buffet. Dips, homemade herb butter, baguettes, and cakes are also excellent choices when guests ask what they could bring to the party.

Creating a Cozy BBQ Ambience

In general, you need to adapt the ambiance to the guests. With friends, simply setting up beer tables and benches is often enough, as it is usually very casual in this case. However, barbecuing is becoming increasingly popular for very festive occasions, such as silver weddings, weddings, engagements, holidays, and children’s birthdays. For every festive occasion, the appropriate decoration, music, and furniture must be chosen for a perfect barbecue party. For the sake of the environment, avoid disposable tableware.

The Weather Gods Often Decide Spontaneously

While the weather forecast might look great for the barbecue day, there are no guarantees. Nature is often very flexible in this regard. It’s always ideal to have a Plan B! If possible, provide shelter and coverings. Not every raindrop is followed by a downpour. Sometimes you just need to endure a brief shower. In these cases, barbecue parties are often simply moved to an open garage, which may not necessarily be the solution for weddings, etc. For large parties, setting up a pavilion is worthwhile. In cases of storm, lightning, and thunder, it’s essential to move indoors. Safety comes before enjoyment!

Make a list of what is needed, including not only barbecue food and drinks. It’s always important to have enough charcoal or an extra gas bottle on hand, otherwise, the party could come to an unwanted premature end. Planning also includes determining the required grill area suitable for the number of guests; if necessary, another grill may need to be set up.

Getting the Perfect Barbecue Meat

Surely you will want to buy the meat from your chosen butcher, which is sensible in terms of quality and animal welfare. Basically, beef, pork, lamb, and chicken are equally suitable for the grill. Sausages should be in natural casing, as artificial casing is not necessarily recommended for taste. If you want to offer marinated meat to your guests, be sure to allocate enough time for it. Meat should be marinated ideally 24 hours before grilling so that the spices in the marinade can penetrate the meat. The marinating time is also crucial for the tenderness of the barbecue meat. Before grilling, be sure to bring the meat to room temperature; therefore, do not place it directly from the refrigerator onto the grill. If you also want to grill fish and seafood, be sure to buy them from a trusted dealer.

It’s sensible for a perfect barbecue party to place ready-to-eat barbecue meat on the warming rack so that all guests can be spoiled at the same time.

Delicious Options for Vegetarians

If you have no experience with vegetarian barbecue food, you should definitely inform yourself beforehand. There are incredibly many products for vegetarians available in stores that are excellent for grilling: grilled cheese, vegetarian sausages, vacuum-packed corn cobs, and many other delicacies. We also recommend preparing grilled vegetables or vegetable skewers, accompanied by a dip and grilled potatoes.

Tasty Side Dishes for Every Taste

Side dishes at a barbecue party should not be overlooked, as they complement the barbecue flavor. Among the possible side dishes, salads usually take the top spot. But more substantial salad variations, such as potato salad and pasta salad, are also popular. It is often recommended to clean or prepare the salad the day before, but we find freshly prepared salads significantly more appetizing and tasty. You can clean the salad and prepare the dressing in the morning, but keep them separately chilled until the big moment. If you opt for baked potatoes, offer seasoned quark as an accompaniment. Baguettes, herb butter, dips, and barbecue sauces are essential for every perfect barbecue party; don’t forget to provide a nice selection.

Choosing the Beverages

Beverages should be available in a wide selection. Wheat beer and pilsner are a MUST for a perfect barbecue party, unless everyone wants to completely abstain from alcohol. If not, wine should also be included. In hot weather, a well-chilled rosé or white wine is often enjoyed. A red wine also goes very well with lamb and beef, but be sure not to store it in the refrigerator! Beer and wine are often diluted with a white lemonade. Lemonade, orangeade, apple juice, Coke, and water are also essential on the shopping list. Warm refreshments during grilling are a real nuisance. If the journey to the refrigerator is too far, a cooler box is a good solution. Depending on thirst, one will certainly not be enough.

Not to Forget

Safety plays an important role in your barbecue party. Pay attention to the stability of your grill. Children must be kept away from the grill at all times! For a gas grill, do not neglect to check the gas hose and gas bottle. Important accessories for your safety are barbecue gloves and tongs. Forks are not ideal because once inserted into the meat, they open the door to meat juices, which is known to be undesirable.